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Rolling Session 1 at Coburg Dock

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Rolling Session 1 at Coburg Dock

Over 30 people rolled up (no pun intended) for the first of our Saturday rolling sessions.

There were varying levels of skills from experience paddlers wanting to get back or improve their roll to absolute beginners.

After the introductions help in a very heavy downpour of rain the group was split into three smaller groups with a team of coaches for each group.

Team 1 looked after the paddlers who could roll but needed some tips on how it could be improved.

Team 2 took those that understood the concept of rolling but weren’t quite getting it right.

Team 3 had the beginners.

It wasn’t long before everyone was in the water under the watchful eyes of the coaches. We all know how exhausting learning to roll can be and how cold you can get. So, at any point our paddlers and helpers could avail themselves of hot drinks, cake and biscuits of all varieties. Chris Fay and Irene Jackson managed the constant flow of customers to the compound shed for refreshments.

As on the previous rolling sessions this one went well over the allotted two hours.

Thank you to all our helpers and to everyone that turned up to make it a fun and enjoyable session.

John Fay

Round 2 is on Saturday at the compound in Coburg Dock 10:30 – 12:30. Why not come down and join in or spectate.

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