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Moelfre Sea Kayak Paddle – Dave & Fiona

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Laura asked us for a mild sea trip. We arranged it, invited everyone and off we went.

Five met at a remote garage and we had refreshments and a chat about plans along with a safety brief.

After arriving at the beach, we were soon on the water led by Eamon, around a large island, through the flow and off hugging the coastline going around rocks and seeing the sights. The sea birds and sea cliff formations were immense.

We had our dinner break on a secluded beach. A cave dweller emerged. A very interesting beach, eating, drinking and being merry.

We saw an island, planned a course and set off. Soon after we arrived at the right place at the right time and saw some wildlife. We stayed a good distance from them to keep them happy. Afterwards we headed to the port we started from. One sea beast popped up with a fish in it’s mouth, looked at us, bit it in half, spat it out and laughed before submerging back into the sea. He was showing off.

Debrief in The Pilot Boat with refreshments, smiles and chatter, then homewards bound.

Another great day out on the sea ! Laura liked her day out in her boat with buddies.

We’ve been asked to plan another sea trip, so we will.

The group – Laura, Alistair, Eamon, Fiona & Dave