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New parking restrictions at the docks

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New parking restrictions at the docks – No more parking on any road (whether it has a single yellow line or no line!)

Please be aware the parking situation has recently changed at the Marina and surrounding access roads.  You are no longer allowed to park on the single yellow line or the side road with no road markings as new signs have been put up indicating a £100 fine.

The good news is that we have 3 options:

1/ Park in the free British Waterways slipway carpark next to the barrier by our compound.  This has space for about 8 cars.

2/ Park in the Marina pay car park and get up to 3 hours free by entering your car registration number into the iPad like device on the left hand side of the bar at the marina.  You do not need to buy anything – just find the white iPad like screen and enter your reg.


3/ Use the concrete beach next to the compound – the barrier may be opened by the session coordinator when she or he opens the main compound.  Please be aware the barrier will be locked when people are on the water and will only be opened again at the end of the paddling session.

This has all come about because of excessive illegal parking on pavements, double yellow lines etc from residents, fisherman and other docks users.

  • Please remember to park carefully in a line on the left (top) of the beach (Facing the garage and building in order to get maximum number of cars on).
  • Do not make excessive noise around the area or moored boats.
  • Please do not make waves or a large wake in the area around the moored house boats.
  • Never, ever go near the moored boats or touch / knock them with a paddle or kayak, even accidentally as this really upsets the boat users and sounds much worse from inside the craft.
  • In general only use the beach to launch and return, do not play or stay in the launching area on a club paddle.
  • PS always do the zips up on buoyancy aids and hang back up.