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56,000 km to the Skerries

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I have never been to the Skerries before, so when the trip was advertised I jumped at the chance. 

The trip to the Skerries is a serious undertaking, they are a group of offshore islands surrounded by tidal races and overfalls (up to 6kn in speed) that you encounter in each direction. For this trip it was scheduled to be blue skies, light winds and neap tides – so all good for a first trip. Even better, the Skerries is a key RSPB reserve, and the birds were due to be nesting.

Under sunny skies the group met at Cemlyn bay, sorted kit and headed off. The winds were slightly stronger than forcast, but nothing we could not cope with, and the tides were timed to perfection. A dog leg route due to the tides saw us landing on the islands with pinpoint precesion.

The islands were great, a fantastic lighthouse on a rocky outcrop that has a really remote feel. The sunshine helped the feeling as well! Properly fed it was time to explore. 

This is where it gets dangerous. Cap on to prevent being dive bombed, you stick to the path and watch your  footing. Even then, care must be taken not to disturb the birds who have taken a rather circuitous 56,000km round trip to the Antarctic – wow! Thats some trip for a small bird. 

After marvelling at the Terns it was time to oggle the Puffins – Aww (Cracking shots Mr Blake) 

All too soon it was time to leave the island, play in more races and head back to the start. 

Cracking trip