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Open Canoe Trip – Farndon to Sandy Lane

Open Canoe Trip – Farndon to Sandy Lane

On a beautiful day last Saturday, five paddlers – Mike, Gary, Ben, Derek, and Keith embarked on an open canoe trip from Farndon to Sandy Lane, covering a distance of 18.5 km (12 miles). The team was equipped with four open boats, which were efficiently loaded onto Mike’s trailer at the compound.

In an effort to minimise our carbon footprint, we managed to transport all equipment and personnel to the river using just two cars. This not only reduced our environmental impact but also made the shuttle simpler and more efficient.  We left Gary’s car at Sandy Lane on the drive to Farndon.

The journey was filled with beautiful sights and sounds. We had our first lunch stop at the 6 km mark. Unlike previous trips, we were pleasantly surprised to find there were no cows at our lunch spot this time!

Our second luncheon was at the picturesque Crook of Dee Beach, located at the 13 km mark. The serene environment provided a perfect backdrop for our mid-journey break.

The picturesque Crook of Dee Beach.

We then passed the optional get-out point at Eccleston Ferry (14 km). The decision to continue our journey was unanimous and filled with excitement.

One of the highlights of the trip was the abundant wildlife we encountered. We were lucky enough to spot kingfishers darting along the river and beautiful water lilies adorning the water’s surface. These encounters with nature added a magical touch to our adventure.

The beautiful water lilies adorning the water’s surface


The open canoe trip from Farndon to Sandy Lane was a memorable experience for all of us. The combination of efficient logistics, beautiful scenery, and abundant wildlife made this trip truly special. We look forward to our next adventure on the water.

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