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“Paddling around Menorca” A presentation by Caz and Pete Thomas

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surfing“Paddling around Menorca” A presentation by Caz and Pete Thomas

If you missed the fantastic talk by Caz and Pete Thomas, you can view it from the links below. Club YouTube Link…

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Club members can watch the YouTube version of the webinar from the link send via Google Groups……….

“Paddling around Menorca” A presentation by Caz and Pete Thomas

Our group of eight Liverpool Canoe Club sea kayakers planned our circumnavigation for early April, well before the normal start of the Menorcan holiday season which kicks off in May. Our decision to go for an early attempt worked in our favour as, although our first day on the water saw us paddling through some quite marginal conditions in big swells, we enjoyed largely cooperative and pleasant weather. This could just as easily have worked against us as the weather is frequently mixed and even stormy so early in the year.

Hear the full story during the talk