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Liverpool Canoe Club and return to paddling

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Liverpool Canoe Club and return to paddling

Hi all,

  • Unfortunately, the club is still closed to all physical paddling at this time.
  • The Liverpool Docks water is not to be used by any individuals or unlicensed groups at any time.
  • Up to two individuals (or a family group) are able to meet up for a paddle well within their capabilities but the advice is to stay local. (Leeds – Liverpool and Bridgewater Canal / River Weaver / River Dee at Chester! etc)

I know we are all following the developing advice carefully.   The Club always follows the advice of our governing body and the government. People are allowed to meet with one other person from outside their household (not two) to partake in an activity provided they follow the current social distancing rules. (2m apart etc.)   This means that if two people wanted to drive and meet up for a paddle somewhere that was well within their capabilities then that is now allowed but it would not be a club activity.

However, use of the Liverpool Docks requires a Canal and Rivers Trust licence which is ONLY issued to official organisations. For us, that means it has to be club activity that is published on the calendar and open to all.  As any kind of gathering of more than two people is not currently allowed, we could not, as a club, be seen to running any kind of club paddle.

While in theory a key holder could meet with a single other person and use club boats and go for a paddle (provided they could both self-rescue and were both suitably experienced) this would not be fair to others in the club and would be against our policy of promoting paddling for all.   If we were to start such paddling from the docks compound then very soon more than a couple of people would turn up and we would not be following the government guidance.  A group paddle, all staying 2m apart at all times is not within the current guidance. This means that unfortunately the club is still closed to all physical paddling at this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and as soon as it is safe to do so we will let members know when we are starting club activities again.


A return to paddling in England
British Canoeing’s response to the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

British Canoeing is pleased to issue this new paddling guidance today, following the lifting of some of the restrictions on paddlesport in England from 13 May 2020. Our new guidance is aligned with the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy, which was published on 11 May.

This guidance relates only to paddling in England, as policy and guidance in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is subject to the devolved governments and their respective national governing bodies.

Our priority remains to protect the health of our members, volunteers and staff and help to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We recommend that members continue to follow the government and public health guidelines and to stay at home as much as possible. We also want to remind members that if you or anyone within your household has coronavirus symptoms, you should continue to self-isolate.

Whilst we understand the temptation to drive to your favourite paddling place, we urge our members and all paddlers to paddle locally, to take extra care and to paddle responsibly (see more detail below).

In promoting a return to paddling, British Canoeing strongly recommends the following;

To closely follow all advice from the Government and Public Health England in relation to Coronavirus:

Paddling only with household members or up to one other person; Paddling can take place alone, with others from the same household, or with no more than one other person from outside of the household.

Social distancing; Paddlers must practice social distancing at all times and maintain a distance apart of at least 2 metres. People from different households should not travel in the same car. Paddlers should aim to avoid busy areas and take great care to maintain social distancing at access and egress points.

Travel; Whilst travel to exercise is not prohibited, our strong advice is that paddlers should paddle locally if possible. In the interest of respecting the views of our countryside partners and protecting rural locations from the spread of coronavirus, British Canoeing is discouraging travel to remote and rural locations, as well as long journeys to go paddling.

Safety and paddling well within capabilities; Only competent and experienced paddlers should be on the water independently. Paddlers are reminded that they are entirely responsible for their own safety at all times and that currently the resources of the waterways authorities and the emergency services are very limited. Paddlers should take care to make responsible decisions, paddle in familiar locations, and favourable conditions.

If you have any questions about the guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us by using this comment form.

Kind regards

David Joy

CEO, British Canoeing