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Rhos to West Shore, take 2

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I was keen to try out a new sea boat, luckily several paddlers were happy to accompany me on the trip.


To be honest, I hadn’t really looked at the details for the trip other than watching the BBC forecast that said there was a big high pressure over the Irish sea (light winds) and seeing that the tides worked for this trip in such a way that there would not be much of a carry at either start or finish. So i sold the trip as sunny and light winds.

The trip worked to launch 1hr before high tide, paddle easily (use backeddy) against the tide for that hour before taking the tidal conveyor all the way around the Ormes.  As it was, the wind was slightly choppier than expected, so we launched into the protected harbour at Rhos, and enjoyed getting used to the lumpy stuff. The Aries I was trying was really enjoying the conditons and didn’t appear too slow (my worry). Little Orme was as awe inspiring as ususal, but with the added bonus of a decent little chop.

Entering Llandudno bay we picked up our fourth compadre and said hello to the very generous shuttle bunny. After that it was off round the main event – Great Orme. The conditions were perfect, a following sea so the trip was not boringly flat, but equally not super scary.  Just enough to allow us to get close in to the cliffs whilst still having to actually think about paddling.

Unfortunately we didnt see too many seals, but we saw loads of puffins and other sea birds. This was added too by some cheekly little surfs as well – fantastic. Rounding the Orme it was paddle hard into the strengthening wind back to West Shore, where we only had a little carry back to the waiting car.

A great LCC day on the sea.

Mike, Tony V, Kirk W, John & Sue C