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River Banwy (Tuesday 28th December)

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River Banwy (Tuesday 28th December)

We used open boats and put in at Llanerfyl just below the bridge. Make sure you park carefully here and do not park in any gateways as farm access is always needed and the farmer has been known to block in any cars poorly parked. There is only room for 3 cars.

As we were leaving there was a group of 4 people on SUPs who had just arrived. Martin chatted to them for a while before we left them to start off down river.

The Banwy proved to be an excellent continuous Grade 1 – 2. We were paddling from Llanerfyl to the River Vyrnwy confluence with a total distance of 26km. This was a very high level, 1.85 on the Llanerfyl gauge. The river was brown and bank-full after the heavy rain that night.

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After some interesting rapids and no sight of any boulders or rocks we had made very good time down to where the road meets the river at Melin-y-ddol (There is a group of 3 cottages joined together on the river right, close to the river). 500m further on is the main crux, which is a boulder weir. It is usually shot on river left but had a large drop and massive stopper today. We shot it river right where, at this level, there was a nice tongue with a few standing waves. Another kilometre leads to the bridge at Llanfair Caereinion. River access is available here at the car park for the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. We chose this stop for a spot of luncheon.

The river below here is wide with interesting rapids and the valley opens up a little as it flows through farmland. Two more large rapids followed and required more bailing to keep the boats dry. The river meets the road and confluence of the River Vyrnwy. The get-out is 50m upstream where a bridge crosses the Vyrnwy. Interestingly there were hundreds of pumpkins in a field at the get out, unfortunately well past their best having completely missed Halloween.