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River Leven Paddle 6th January

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Everything was high so a call was sent out for anyone interested in paddling grade 3/4 on the weekend.  6 of us finally met up at Starbucks at junction 3 of the M57 (This is an ideal meeting place for anyone heading north to paddle).   Boats thrown on / in a couple of cars and we were off.

We scouted Backbarrow bridge on the way –  it looked very high and decided on a shorter run getting out at the woodmill.   Brick shoot weir was quite big and boily but gave some of us a little bit of fun as we tried to get on the first wave.   The next drop was a very large hole rather than a drop but we all popped out on the other side.

We surfed and played our way down the remaining rapids.  There was no stopping on the graveyard section giving a bouncy run down to the bottom.

Leanne, Sara, Hannah, Ian, Nick and Keith

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