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Festive Paddle – Albert Docks

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4 Santas in an open Canoe

It was a bit grim first thing but fortunately the ‘monsoon’ rain stopped and eventually the sun came out.  We had 22 paddlers in 13 kayaks and 2 canoes.  Not a bad turn out for such a miserable beginning.

Music was provided by Craig Ford, a selection of Xmas songs, and we started off to Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”.  We were the only traffic on the water apart from one solo rower and we certainly brightened up the docks with our multi coloured outfits and wonderful assortment of Santa hats.

After a paddle around the Albert Dock we stopped at the Bandstand slipway in Salthouse Dock for about half an hour where everyone enjoyed a good munch, chat and much laughter.  Food appeared from nowhere – mince pies, cakes, seasonal biscuits etc.  Cameras were clicking from all angles particular from the visitors who were very interested in our little band of Santas.

There was quite a festive mood, particularly from 3 young ladies!!! – Nadja, Sue and Irene – who were decidedly ‘merry’ after the mulled wine!!! and would insist on showing off their dancing skills.

Then it was time to leave so our little convoy set off again to more music and a “ca

Decorating the boats at the compound

ts chorus”  from some very vocal enthusiastic singing paddlers!

We arrived back at the slipway, all safe and sound, about 12.50 pm.  After putting all the boats away everyone agreed that the morning had been great fun and very jolly.  Following “Seasons Greetings” being heard across the slipway eventually everyone left having thoroughly enjoyed our annual festive Christmas Paddle.

Kayakers:  Martin, Carol, Nikki, Christopher, Emily.  John & Chris Fay & Penny, Keira & Courtney.  Sarah, Dom, Ian.  Craig, Nadja & Aleksander Ford.  John & Matthew Ennis.  Bob, Sue, Irene &  Julie.  (I’m sure I’ve left someone out – apologies).

Co-ordinators:  Craig, Nadja & Julie     More Photos………