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River Trip Irwell to Burrs Country Park. 07/01/2023 by Andrew Broddle

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River Trip Irwell to Burrs Country Park. 07/01/2023 by Andrew Broddle

River Trip Irwell to Burrs Country Park. 07/01/2023. Pics from a fun and lively day on the river. Many thanks to John Allerton for organising and leading.  River Level: 0.56m, falling (Grade 2+ currently)

The put-in at Ramsbottom gives access to the bottom of the weir which is quite friendly apart from the left-hand corner. Under the road bridge, past a paper mill on right, when the next factory moves into view run the dodgy weir extreme river left. This weir has a fearsome local reputation. The river is obstructed by willow tree branches in the water. Force a way through and then a couple of bends brings Nuttal Park into view on left, under a stone footbridge lies the start of the gorge. The river gradient increases considerably for 300m offering several holes waves to play in but few eddies.

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A large pool at the bottom, under a pipe on stilts, take the left-hand side of right-hand channel to another pool. River narrows and produces a surf wave and a couple of holes. Watch for the high waterfall on left; in flood, it marks a stay-on-it-all-day- wave followed by a rock step which makes a river-wide stopper.

The gradient steepens again to another stone bridge. The left-hand arch generates a surf wave. The river then passes under a Restaurant; wave to the diners. This is Sumerseat, the next access/egress point being on the left 200m after the restaurant. The next stone bridge has a surf wave under right-hand arch; this is followed by another mini-gorge. A large white house on the right marks Taylor’s weir. This weir has submerged exposed steelwork but can be shot centre-right in high water. Alternatively, there is a chute on the left which is a safer route in low water.

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The river is now a grade 2 bimble to the  Burrs Weir. The weir is 18′ high, has a smooth slope on left, 2′ steps on right and is relatively shallow at the base. In low water, it is very safe, but the stopper will hold a boat at ALL levels. If the water level is high enough to make the trip from Rammy a decent one you probably won’t want to slide the smooth face. Take the steps instead – it’s not quite as bad as it looks! Alternatively portage on the left.

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The next 800m of the river is the “Burrs Site” and is being developed for paddling. Ideal for beginners in low/medium water. The riverbed is sculpted to produce holes, stoppers and waves. The best surf wave is under the road bridge this is followed by a pop-out spot and a taily eddyline. Get out is obvious by the ramp on left.

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