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Scotland Sea Kayak Trip – June 2021 Day 2

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Scotland Sea Kayak Trip – June 2021

I normally go kayaking in Scotland during early May or late September/October with the sole intention of avoiding the ‘Midges’.  Therefore, this June trip was to be a new experience for me and one I was both looking forward to and dreading in equal measure. Horror stories from my sons, ‘Midges’ walking across your eyeballs, kind of stuff, hadn’t helped. Now the date had arrived and time to find out for myself just how bad they really are.  

Monday 28th June. (NE Luing to Port Phadruig, Kerrera about 26Km) By Roger Colman

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Our pleasant little campsite was vacated in a well-ordered manner, breakfast taken by those requiring it and kayaks packed so we were on the water for 6:00am as planned.  

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The early start was a tidal requirement and allowed us to paddle up Seil Sound and under the bridge over the Atlantic. Once through the bridge it was back onto the mainland shore and a stop for second breakfast. (We learnt that Jon was not going to make the trip after all, but Ian was still scheduled to join us on Tuesday evening.)  

The early morning mist had burnt off and it was another really lovely day as the five of us paddled up to Port Lathaich and there crossed over to Kerrera.    On reaching the Islands shore we paddled down the east side, around the southern end, where Sheena was able to reminisce about family picnics as we passed Gylen Castle.      

Gylen Castle 

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We continued around the southern end of the island and up the west coast to Port Phadruig and a five-star wild campsite Catriona was aware of, courtesy of her sister. It was a stunning location. We arrived about midday and stayed put. After the early start this suited me fine. Ali and Sheena were equally happy after their additional early start and long day yesterday. However, they soon got their second wind and suggested a hike up one of the islands hills. Clearly somebody had to stay to ensure the safety of tents, equipment and kayaks so I nobly volunteered for this serious and responsible task. I am happy to report that while, Andy, Catriona, Ali and Sheena were climbing the heights I did not fall asleep and everything was as it should be upon their return. I did get through a fair few mugs of tea while they were gone enjoying the spectacular surroundings from my very comfortable camp chair.  

As day 2 was concluding it was apparent that we had been graced with extremely good weather and no midges.  It was as good as winning the Lottery!  


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