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Covid 19 Guidance from 19th July 2021

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Covid 19 Guidance from 19th July 2021Liverpool Home page  LCC Home 

  • Everyone still needs to pre-book the paddle through bookwhen or email to the coordinator to ensure group sizes are within British Canoeing’s guidance.
  • Face coverings are optional.
  • Social distancing should be observed where possible.   2m (one paddle length) is a long way!!!! and if you approach closer you should mitigate against the risks.
  • We will continue with a named on-the-water leader for each group. This has greatly developed paddling within the club over the past 18 months.
  • We operate under British Canoeing recommended group sizes and ratios.  These are absolute maximums and if conditions / paddlers and/or leaders experience demand, groups sizes could and should be smaller than this.
    • Maximum for the docks (Sheltered water) is 1:8 (1:12 for tandem / crewed boats). 
    • Maximum for moderate water is 1:6
    • Maximum for advanced water is 1:4
  • Two groups can paddle near or next to one another on the water but social distancing should still be observed by all.

Every paddler needs to be pre-booked with the coordinator or through our booking site.

Paddles are notified through the club`s Google Group and also placed on the clubs calendar. All paddling takes place in separate, small groups with a nominated leader.

We follow all National and Local guidance and adhere to the British Canoeing guidelines for paddlesports.

Latest Guidance:

  • Please stay away if you have any symptoms or are self-isolating.
  • Always maintain social distancing (2m or a paddle length). Please leave the site asap after the paddle to reduce congestion.
  • Please use hand sanitiser before and after paddling.
  • If more than one group is at the compound, please quickly select your equipment and move it to your group number or away from the front of the compound.

Liverpool Canoe Club Advice on Covid 19

British Canoeing Structured and Organised Paddling Activity Plan 29th March 202 (Updated 14th May)
British Canoeing Guidance for Team Sports – Canoe Polo Plan 29th March 2021 (Teams of 6 can play against each other)

The club has agreed the following advice from 19th July 2021:

  • If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, please stay at home and self-isolate.
  • All paddling will be in pre-booked groups following current BC guidelines on group size and ratios.  The absolute maximum for the docks is 1:8 (1:12 for tandem / crewed boats). Absolute maximum for moderate water is 1:6 and for advanced water is 1:4. Canoe Polo sessions will run under British Canoeing guidance notes and risk assessments.
  • All Club Paddles should be on the calendar and advertised to all in the club.  Please avoid forming clique groups during this time to ensure fair access for all.
  • Each group will have a named leader who will be responsible for organising the paddlers both on and off the water. Sheltered Water Leaders and Coaches
  • A Docks supervisor (key holder) can organise a Docks Session and ask for it to be put on the calendar. (Please email details to )  This is where they will open the compound at the start and end of the session and allow sheltered water leaders and their pre-booked groups to access the boats. Each leader is responsible for coordinating and supervising their group including asking if the docks supervisor has room for their paddle.  When advertising a paddle please give details of specific craft or purpose (eg Stand Up Paddle Board paddle for 6, Open Boats paddling or “General purpose easy paddle” etc)
  • All paddlers should use their own hand sanitiser before, during and after each paddle.
  • Members should be encouraged to select the correct equipment without trying multiple sets.
  • The club will supply antibacterial spray for use on the padlocks etc

Sheltered Water Leaders and coaches

Guidelines for club Paddles and Trips

Template for google group email advertising a club trip……

If you have an idea for a paddle, would like help or advice to organise it, please email

All paddlers MUST be pre-booked with a leader and these details kept for a minimum of 21 days to aid test and trace.

FAQ – Club promoted trips.

How do I organise a club paddle:  Contact to add the trip to the calendar.   Brief details are then sent around by google group email – Members are then free to reply confirming they would like to take part and give brief details of experience etc if not known to organiser. Coordinator then confirms place (or not) on the trip and time / meeting place etc

What if someone brings a friend without confirming with the organiser meaning the group is now larger than the maximum recommended by British Canoeing for the qualification and environment – both will be asked to go home and not paddle with the rest of the group.

What if I do not have my own equipment – Most dock paddles are advertised as allowing members to borrow club equipment.

Can the trip be A to B with a car shuttle – Social distancing guidelines say car sharing is allowed with mitigation from 17th May 2021
The government has issued advice if you need to car share……

What if a paddler drops out – this may result in others being turned away and should not happen – only reply to an email about a trip if you are 100% certain you can make the paddle

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