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Sea Transition Paddles by Roger Colman

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The weather has, unfortunately, played a bigger part in the clubs ability to get as many Sea Transition Paddles arranged as we would have liked. That said we have had three groups out with two more groups, involving 5 Leaders/Volunteers and 10 transition paddlers, arranged for this weekend.

Additionally, this also gave the Leaders/Volunteers a chance to paddle together in some lumpy water.

A group of nine Leaders/Volunteers had a paddle around the Great Orme on Sunday 2nd May, in some moderate conditions, where we had an opportunity to practise some deep water rescues and do some towing.

We had two groups out at Dove Point, Leasowe, and a small group out on Sunday (9th) in some windy conditions upon Lyn Padarn, Llanberis. There they had the chance of paddling into, across and down, some big wind waves for short periods of time and all the while enjoying the wonderful scenery this location has on offer.

Interestingly on this trip not only did we introduce some paddlers to bigger waves we had the opportunity to introduce a newly designed kayak to bigger waves too! I am very pleased to say both the paddlers, ‘Joey & Liz’, and the Kayak, ‘Ocean Glide’, behaved well and performed brilliantly.

Club member Dave Brown, owner of DBXcellence, who normally make hand crafted polo and surf kayaks, brought along his new Sea Kayak ‘Ocean Glide’. And boy, does she. His newly designed kayak, with a planning V hull fully customised in Carbon and Carbon Kevlar, will be made locally in Chester. This 16’ kayak is light, manoeuvrable and glides beautifully giving a fast, dry ride. At lunch David Allanson and I had a quick try. David found her easy to roll and performed a graceful side sculling balance brace with ease. I found her quick to accelerate and easy to maintain speed. Having never paddled a ski or racing type kayak before she was a little lively for me but I felt this kayak would quickly improve my skills. For those better paddlers who race kayaks this could be the quick weekend/week tourer they have been missing. Anyone wanting to give the ‘Ocean Glide’ a try should get in touch with Dave Brown as he would welcome your feedback on his new design.

DBXclusive ‘OCEAN GLIDE’ Sea Kayak.

GLIDE DBXcellence

The ‘OCEAN GLIDE’ on her first ever outing – Weaver Navigation Canal.

Paddled by designer Dave Brown.

Glide DBXcellence 1

(DBXclusive was established by Dave Brown in 1990. Dave started playing Polo in 1976 and is still playing now! His achievements include: National Champions Winner 6 times, National League Winner 7 times, he achieved the triple with Bere Forest Canoe Polo Club ,he came 3rd in the 1st World Championships in 1994 and won Gold Medals in the World Masters, Australia 2009 & Italy 2013. Dave also set up and coached the first Womans GB canoe polo squad and played in the GB Mens National A team for 8 years. )