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Swim self rescue training on the Dee

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The plan had been to canoe the River Dee from Farndon to Chester. So, once the cars were sorted it was time to get going (NOTE – Sandy Lane car park has a max time limit of 4 hours and if you park outside of a bay then you get a ticket. But parking on the grass verge outside the car park is fine).

The weather was glorious and hot, very hot, but the trip was going to be very chilled. So with a very important briefing of “Put your sun cream on and drink lots of water”, we headed off.

9 canoes and 2 sea kayaks, or to count another way 14 people and 2 dogs, then began to gently paddle down stream. The dogs had the correct idea as they were sat  under a parasol in the boat.


To be honest, on this trip I wasn’t expecting swimmers on such flat water. Suddenly I heard a splash and realised that Keith had gone overboard! (Oh no – time to get switched on). Suddenly, another splash and Nikki was in the water. As they climbed back into their respective boats the word was given, and the word was “Self rescue practice every 30 minutes”


That set the tone for a very relaxed, chilled paddle with great company.  The miles passed under the blazing sun, at times almost too hot, until all too soon we reached Sandy Lane and the awaiting ice cream van. Alas, just as we landed, the parking attendant turned up and the van had to leave (Booo)

A fab day in opens (and sea kayaks). Thanks all for coming.

Mike & Ruth