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The Shetland Isles Day One 11th June and before by Catriona

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United Kingdom Atlas: Maps and Online Resources | | Shetland  islands, Shetland islands scotland, Scotland travelThe Shetland Isles Day One 11th June and before by Catriona

We all travelled to Shetland on different days. I travelled up on the 10th to Aberdeen to catch the overnight ferry with Ian and Andy. Trip planning for day 1 was finalised in a burger bar while we waited for the ferry. The arrival of the tail end of tropical storm Alex scuppered any kayaking the following day and the rest of the group were messaged with our plans for arrival day, sightseeing until we could get into the accommodation at 1pm followed by a walk for anyone interested. We met a few of the group on the ferry and took the opportunity to sample some beers from Orkney and Shetland.

On arrival we went to Peeries café, where we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast; even though the menu was entertainingly inflexible the food was great. We then visited a variety of places in Lerwick including the excellent free museum.

We all met at the accommodation, with two people arriving by bike, not for the last time cycling into a 30mph head wind. Andy, Ian Phil, Roger and I went out for an afternoon stroll. We found a bizarre collection of garden gnomes and garden plants in the middle of nowhere.

Although the coast round Muckle Roe was beautiful, it got increasingly wet and windy, and we decided to cut the walk short. Roger also mentioned that he needed to pick his walking companions more carefully.

Back at Voxter Outdoor Centre we settle in and looked for a place to paddle the next day sheltered from the strong south-westerly winds (20-25 gusting over 30mph) and the big swell caused by ex-storm Alex.

This was assisted by a selection of local refreshments, and luckily due to the timing of low tide a late start the day after.