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Transfer of our members to a new membership system

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After 13 years of service, our old membership system has reached the end of its life. This weekend, we are transferring our membership system over to our new website.   If you are a current member you will receive an email with a new username and password.   You can follow the simple instructions in the email to log in to the club website and then edit profile. (Edit your details)

It is vital that you do click on edit profile and check your imported data carefully.   Please confirm your emergency contact name and telephone number as it has not been possible to port this across.

Hopefully this new system will be easier to use and is more mobile friendly.

You can ask for a password reset at any time.

If your membership has expired you can simply click on renew

If your membership details have been deleted (a month or so after non-renewal), you will need to click on join us and start a new membership.

There is a short video here to walk you around the new website

We apologise in advance for any teething issues and will endeavour to sort out any problems quickly.

Membership team

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