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Wednesday 10th August – The Ormes…as described by DG and JG

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The Ormes…as described.

With a random day off and Dave in a similar position, we decided to have a chilled paddle around the Ormes as described in the Welsh Sea Kayaking guide…almost.

Dave and I have both paddled the Ormes in multiple directions before but have never done the trip as per the guide. So, with a 1024 HW Liverpool and a F1/2 wind from the North we decided that would do! It’s suggested to set off two hours before HW Liverpool, we just had to keep that in mind for the walkout.

We left one car at West Shore and started our paddle from Rhos Point. Quickly upon Little Orme, we were welcomed by an inquisitive seal and on-looking birds including Cormorants and Oyster Catchers. We had a good look around before crossing Llandudno Bay speaking to a few inflatable kayakers en route.

At Great Orme, we took our time passing around the great cliffs taking in their many features and wildlife.

We at one point had 8 seals following our boats as we passed observing them in their secluded but natural habitat.

A quick chat with two paddle-boarders on the northwest corner then a spot of quick lunch on the beach and a little bit of rolling and rescue practice in the sun finished off a great day.

We managed to arrive at West Shore with a channel still available to paddle up to within 100m of the car but leave it any later and you’d have quite a walk!

HW Liverpool 1024 @8.49m

HW Conwy 1012 @ 7.22m