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2022 Scottish Sea Kayaking Trip – Day 04 Wednesday Arran – Drumadoon Point (Golf Course) to Largybeg Point by Gary Edwards

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2022 Scottish Sea Kayaking Trip

Day 04 Wednesday Arran – Drumadoon Point (Golf Course) to Largybeg Point by Gary Edwards

The initial instructions for Day Four involved an early 7 am on the water… gladfully, that was delayed an hour to allow the wind and rain to pass over. Although any extra sleep I was planning to get was rudely interrupted by the green keeper from the Shiskine Golf Club, whom no doubt took great pleasure in loudly sounding the horn on his golf cart whilst whizzing around the course next to our tents.

Once up, our tents were quickly packed away whilst dodging the inevitable clouds of midges that had accompanied the dropping winds. So, it was quickly onto the water to avoid the worst of them and to get the day started.

Setting off from Drumadoon Point, as ever, our destination for the day was a mystery… a mystery accompanied by the promise that it was ‘just around the corner’. The south coast of Arran, for me, will forever be remembered as the island of a million corners.

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Although the coast of Arran isn’t as featured as I’d hoped, the views were great. Looking over to Ailsa Craig was a highlight, several discussions about the origins of curling and the method of creating the stone were had. The group consensus though was that the desire to find out was not significant enough to undertake the 20km crossing to the island.

There was also the option to paddle around the flat island of Pladda, which despite being a more palatable 1km crossing, was not on people’s minds either. The previous day’s mixture of packing, paddling, packing, driving, packing, paddling and finally camping has drained energy levels to the point that we were all looking forward to an early finish and relaxed evening. As we passed Pladda, we were on the final straight towards Largybeg Point where we decided to set up camp. It was around 2 pm, it was sunny, the pitch was flat, and the group was happy. The afternoon and evening were spent relaxing, drying out kit and looking forward to the next day of paddling.

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