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2023 February photo of the month

Please select your favourite photograph for this month`s competition and then click vote at the bottom.

Please send any photos for next month`s competition to
Be sure to include a short description.


This Poll active until 1st of March 2023 00:00:00

2023 February Photo of the Month

Please click or tap your favourite photograph and then use the vote button below.

The poll has expired!

4 thoughts on “2023 February photo of the month”

  1. Yes, ideally but we only had three photos submitted for this month. Unfortunately, we had a large break in the photo of month competition with the new website and technology issues over the past year. If we manage a regular photo competition, it would go to more recent photos. Just working through the bank of photos summited last summer when we had relatively few competitions

  2. It is called “February`s Competition” but is for photos submitted in the previous month(s). We all vote for the favourite of the six best photos submitted last month (during January). If you submit one now in February it will appear in the March competition. I know it sounds daft but it takes a while to collate the submitted photos. I still have a bank of photos from last summer – see above comments