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Leeds-Liverpool canal – Ring ‘o’ Bells to Morris Lane by John Fay

Leeds-Liverpool canal – Ring ‘o’ Bells to Morris Lane by John Fay

Having enjoyed a previous paddle from the Ring ‘o’ Bells pub to Appley Bridge lock it made sense to explore the other way towards Scarisbrick and the Marina.

So Allan (Blanchard) set about organising the trip which resulted in 14 LCC members meeting at 10 am for a great trip.

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The route took in some lovely scenery even in these winter months. We also had to navigate under three low bridges which Ian O’Connor was convinced wasn’t possible, but with a little encouragement, he and everyone else made it under. It was interesting though to watch the different techniques for doing so.

As we approached the large caravan park on the left of the canal disaster struck. A fishing match was taking place which meant the prospect of going past them all. I think David Perrin was part of this strange group where people sit for hours swinging big poles about and getting begruntled when other waterway users dare to go past. So we sent him through first to do some fishermen/kayaker relations stuff.

We stopped for lunch just past the Scarisbrick Marina at Morris Lane where Phil Edwards produced a bag of Co-op sausage rolls which my wife Chris swears they don’t do anymore. Needless to say, the packet that was saved has evidence that they do.

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Anyway, after a nice rest, we headed the 6 miles back to our start point. We decided to group together to make it better getting past the fishermen and this time we thought instead of David leading a pretty face might make a big difference. We didn’t have any so it was Jacki Jenkins who took the lead this time.

A bit of fun and games on the return journey resulted in Myself and Phil taking a swim. Sitting on the front of Phil’s kayak was only asking for trouble. I don’t know why but people seemed to keep their distance after that.

Anyway, a great trip with fantastic company. Well done to young Katie who paddled the 12 miles in a riverboat.

Well done to Mick O’Reilly for not falling off his SUP.

Thanks to Lindsay Ferguson for some great photos.

And finally well done to Mike Plant who managed not to scratch his brand new kayak which made up the trio of Pyranha Fusions.

John Fay=

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1 thought on “Leeds-Liverpool canal – Ring ‘o’ Bells to Morris Lane by John Fay”

  1. Joining LCC has been one of my best life decisions. Being quite a newby I was a little concerned at people’s levels, skills and being a little overwhelmed at meeting new people in a group and maybe not fitting in. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Your all willing to share your boating knowledge, time, patience and the odd pork pie, biscuits and sausage rolls with the biggest smiles. Every time I go out with the group small or large I’m filled with joy, adventures and smiles. The Ring o bells trip was one of the funniest so far. Thanks everyone