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Anglesey Weekend #1 Sunday 12th Paddle by Ian Bibby

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Anglesey Weekend 10 -12th May 24

Sunday 12th Cemaes Bay to Porth Eilian (Point Lynas)

The trip was arranged on the Saturday evening with a plan to meet at Cemaes Bay at 9.30 am.

The trip was planned as a one-way trip, so car shuttling was the order of the day.

Boats and gear were unpacked, and cars were driven up to the finish point (Porth Eilian). I proceeded to follow Neil Mack, who had programmed the finish point in his SatNav. I don’t whether he was sponsored by Shell or BP, but I got to see some lovely back roads and the wind farm from all angles before we got to the finish point. Shuttles over we proceeded to get onto the water.

There were eighteen of us paddling, so we split into three sub-groups of six. In our group was Gary, Neil, Dan, Martin, Keith and myself. We left Cemaes Bay after the other two groups had already departed.

The weather was cooler than Saturday, around 18-19’c and the wind was around F2-3. High water at Holyhead was 14.11 and 4.98m.

Leaving Cemaes Bay we turned east, taking time to rock hop and explore the numerous caves and outcrops along the way. Opposite Middle Mouse, we took some time out to play in the tide race, something I was initially apprehensive about, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Neil for exorcizing some of my demons!

We pushed on to the Brickworks for elevenses, but due to the fun we were having had already turned into lunch. At the Brickworks, we briefly caught up with the other groups, then paddled on to Amlwch.

Lunch over, we then pushed on towards Amlwch ourselves. Along the way, we encountered, guillemots, a couple of gannets and a brief sighting of a porpoise.

The tide now had started to ebb, so we paddled on past Bull Bay, encountering some overfalls., which were interesting. Then it was into Amlwch harbour, “avoiding” the numerous fishing lines from the harbour wall.

Then it was into Amlwch harbour, “avoiding” the numerous fishing lines from the harbour wall.

Here we met up with the other groups again. Off again after ‘lunch’ we paddled towards our final destination, taking in the scenery and hugging the coastline as we paddled and chatted, at which point Neil invented a new species ‘MAMIN’ (middle-aged man in neoprene).

As we approached Porth Eilian, some of the other group members were practising rescues.

In all a thoroughly enjoyable trip. In all around 18km.

Ian Bibby.

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