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Anglesey Weekend # 1 – Trearddur Bay to the White Arch

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Anglesey Weekend # 1 – Trearddur Bay to the White Arch

After paddling in the morning, we agreed to meet back at the campsite to go for a paddle in the afternoon. The plan was to drive out of the campsite and about 1km down Ravenspoint Road to drop-off the kayaks outside the drive shop. We could then backtrack and use the free road parking at the top of the hill.

We had soon sorted the kayaks out and get on the water. We passed some SUPs and headed South around the corner. There was a very small swell running and we paddled between some of the rock channels to a small headland. Fisher folk were casting out to sea from the rock so we headed a little offshore to avoid their lines. We paddled on towards the white house and found some yellow anchient folded rock with an arch. Just around the corner was the magnificent white arch.

[The Rhoscolyn coast is well known for its pair of striking natural arches that the sea has carved out of the cliffs.  They are called ‘Bwa Du’ the black arch, and ‘Bwa Gwyn’ the white arch. This superb natural arch [Bwa Gwyn means White Arch] is comprised of white quartzitic rocks showing massive fractures and deep weathering. There is access to the top of the arch; previously china clay was quarried here. The grindstone used to extract the clay is still there in this scenic workshop precariously perched on top of the arch itself!]

This superb natural arch [Bwa Gwyn means White Arch]

After a few photos we ventured further on towards Rhoscolyn Head. We happened across several climbers attacking the vertical cliff-face. One was even trying to set-up a bivii-sleeping platform halfway up, it would be a great place to spend the night. We found the narrow crevice and blow-hole before turning around to paddle back. On the way we found a beach below the caravan site and stretched our legs.

We made short work returning across Penrhos Bay to where some likely lads were cliff jumping from quiet a height. We paddle around the point into Porth Castell where the tide had gone out a little. We soon had all the crafts loaded and returned for a shower and BBQ to exchange stories with the other groups.

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