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Coach and Leaders Session last night at the docks

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Eleven of us got together on the water to discuss coaching and leading skills and to generally have a paddle. We quickly reviewed the use of the docks and compound with groups and then selected our craft to paddle on during the evening. As we were about to get on the water Keith threw us a curveball. He wanted to make us struggle a little, so we were all asked to swap our kayak paddles for a single blade. Much discussion then took place about which length to select, what shape of blade etc.We then got on the water, (making sure our boats were afloat as no seal-launching is allowed on the rough concrete due to the wear and tear issues). Some when around in circles, and others struggled to go in a straight line. It was truly like going back to the beginning.After a short while we all began to get the hang of it and we moved off to the bung, a sheltered teaching area just across from the main channel in Coburg Dock. Using a single blade we analysed many strokes and looked at how we might teach them and then compared it to the most efficient stroke we could. Sweep strokes, stern rudders, draw strokes and sculling draws will never be the same after this session. Towards the end of the session, we were all beginning to understand how the paddle can be made to flow from one stroke directly into another, leading to a more graceful paddle action. I didn`t even know there was a “reverse sculling stroke”!If you are a coach or leader volunteering your time you really should try to make the next session on Monday 12th June at the docks (6:30 pm). Just go to our bookwhen page and scroll down to the event to reserve a place.