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Bridgewater Canal by Diane Rogan

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May be an image of 1 person and body of water

Bridgewater Canal by Diane Rogan

Diane Rogan’s write up in poetry about our great SUP trip on The Bridgewater Canal lead by Adya Misra. 👍

May be an image of 3 people and body of water

We all signed up to seize the day and go on an adventure. Then soon we learned there’d be just 3, and an old aged pensioner (John 😉 ).

But we would not let this cohorts low numbers put us down. We’d go ahead and seize the day and paddle all around.

May be an image of 1 person and body of water

Around the bridgewater canal

And through each sturdy bridge, till we did come across a crain that had some cranks on it.

Oh bloody hell, I then did think

More old cranks to bare

I’ve had this one attached to me, on his paddle board right there 😏

But the brickworks were amazing, each bridge was so unique. The mastery of many

Was a joy for us to see.

Then soon we would stop off for lunch, at a place where boats were tied. Where we would get a telling off, from a passer-by.

He said “this place is for boats

Not you rebel crew. Now move on off, find somewhere else

To sit and chat and chew.”

May be an image of 1 person and body of water

We checked the name “Matilda” that boat had now been branded, and should he give us cheek again us guys, we will not stand it 😉 .

So we finished lunch then on our boards, continued on our way. We soon did pass that boat again. “Matilda” did it say?

As John went up towards him

We thought “he’s gonna tell him”. Instead he was befriending him, chatting away and laughing. He’d made friends with the enemy, so shocked we were to see but to be fare this time the guy was friendly as can be.

May be an image of 2 people and body of water

So we continued down the water till a boat came passing by, and as I moved out of the way into the ledge I’d fly.

I hit it with a massive bump

The board did start to wobble

For a brief moment in time

I thought “I’m going to topple”

I then regained my posture thinking “Few I did not fall.

I could have been a spectacle

with laughter from them all”.

We then carried on together

Swirving round the bends

Having fun, giving cheek

And chatting with our friends.

Then as we reached the final point, and gathered up our boards, John did take one final dip then came back to the shore.

I said “that water did not look clean. I hope you don’t get sick” John then said “this man of Steel. He can handle it 💪 “.

So off we went, back to the cars and put our boards away.

We then had a good old chat

And laughed about our day.

Our leading lady played her part, bringing joy that makes us smile. Leading us with fun and laughs to finish those 10 miles.

May be an image of 1 person and body of water