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Fun on the Dee by John Cook

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Fun on the Dee by John Cook

Sunday saw a club trip to the river Dee, it was a beginner’s trip and we all met at the top car park, we split into 3 groups and got on the river at different points. We had chosen the slide option and then waited for the others to come down the river.

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Taking our time as we had some people who had never done the river and some who had not been on for a long time.

We arrived at Serpents tail and did an inspection from the riverbank to show people the line. Everyone ran it with various degrees of success including young Oliver who smashed it. People were soon out and going back for another go. A raft appeared through Serpents but got stuck on the exit and blocked the river, Sarah came down backwards and unfortunately ended up under the raft, the guide acted swiftly and pulled her up. I ended up pulling my deck and swimming straight under it and out the other side.

Fun over and we slowly moved downriver playing on all the small features until we came to the bottom wave, again everyone got stuck in and had a go with plenty of upside-down action taking place. Paul and Harvey were already here, and Harvey was showing some skill in an open boat.

A picture containing water, raftDescription automatically generated We should have paddled back up the canal, but we had a problem with the key for the gate, so a shuttle was done to get cars. Most got off at this point but six of us went for another lap.

Back at the top and Oliver wanted to get on at the slide as his group didn’t the first time down. Again, we arrived at Serpents tail and again everyone ran it. Off down the river again and soon on the bottom wave again. To finish the day Oliver had a go off the big rock sliding into the river.

Apart from a couple of near-death experiences, my paddles getting snapped, a lost throw bag (now recovered) the key for the gate incident and a lost camera it was actually a really good day out  😀

Thanks to everyone that came and well done to Oliver, Miriam Adrian and John for having a go at everything, you all did brilliantly!

See you at the next one.