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For Sale: P & H Mk 1 Scorpio – £800.00

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For Sale: P & H Mk 1 Scorpio – £800.00

Very good condition:    Deck like new, hull has usual marks and scratches associated with sea kayaking.

The skeg / skeg slider and adjustable foot pegs operate easily and smoothly.  Boat always hosed down after use, (inside and out) and always kept in garage when not in use.

Nice modifications and extras include:

  • Expensive fitted compass.
  • NRS paddle breeches for quick access / replacement of splits (spare paddle) on front deck.
  • Close tow strop / hook on both sides.
  • More comfortable carry / rescue toggles fitted bow & stern.
  • Upgraded deck-lines for better ladder re-entry from the water and heel hook rescues.
  • The mini pod has been properly bonded under the deck significantly improving its usefulness.
  • SOLAS reflective patches along gunnel’s – very effective.
  • Secure /accessible elastic loops for sponge & paddle float behind seat.

All in all a very practical sea boat – for when things do or don’t go quite according to plan.


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CONTACT    ROGER  COLMAN    Mobile   07758812821    For viewing or to arrange a test paddle.