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Junior Fireworks Paddle 2023

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Junior Fireworks Paddle 2023

On Saturday 4th November we met at Coburg. It was exciting getting ready in the dark. Everyone got their kit and boats ready with headtorches and lights on our boats.

Paddling out of Coburg was fun and well-lit by lights from the buildings. Terry led the way, and the group paddled fast to stay warm. We spotted some fireworks on our way to Salthouse Dock, where the fearless paddlers had fun limboing under the docks.

Then we stopped to look at the ‘Lampshades Bouquet’ in Salthouse Dock. It seemed like an ideal time for a photo opportunity with the Lampshades behind us, but I’m not sure if you could spot all of the kayaks!

We paddled over to the carousel to try to see the next River of Light installation ‘Emergence’, but couldn’t see much from the water, so on we went.

The Albert Dock was incredible in the dark and completely transformed by the  light projection ‘Ukrainian Dreams’, onto one whole wall of the dock. The visual projection with sound was amazing and really peaceful to watch. We floated around in our boats watching the images with vibrant colours.

Having watched the projection show once, we decided to get even closer, into the shadow of the docks to watch once more, while we enjoyed chocolates given out by Clara. Eamon shared out hot squash to drink before revealing that he had sparklers! All the juniors enjoyed waving sparklers around and writing their names before putting them out properly and placing them in the tub in my boat.

By then there were some chilly fingers and toes, so we decided to paddle back. We stayed together for the whole paddle, chatting and spotting extra fireworks in the city. Once everything had been put away we enjoyed Liz’s huge chocolate cookies!

Thank you to all the juniors, parents and group leaders who made this paddle such fun!