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Kayaking is not the only activity from Kinlochleven by Catriona Hare

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I decided that I needed an activity at my own speed on Sunday, so I decided to forgo the potentially windy sea kayak trip round Shuna and hike up the north side of the Leven Valley from the hostel to Blackwater Reservoir; follow the route of the pipe linking Loch Eilde Mor (It would be hard to get lost) to the reservoir and then descend back to Kinlochleven.

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Kinlochleven village from Blackwater Reserviour

The moss trees, grass and most other ground level vegetation, apart from the primroses were dry possibly, explaining the fire the night before. However, once I got to the height of the reservoir there were plenty of boggy patches to fall into.

This is not a walk to undertake after a lot of rain unless you are light with very big feet. I then made the mistake of deciding to go the shortest way back down the hill to Kinlochleven, even though I knew, from the map that the route was steep the alternative forest track looked a bit dull.

However, I need to remember my knees no longer belong to a 20 year old and that “windy” kayaking would have been the easier option.

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