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Day 06 Wednesday: St Clements to Embrun by John Cooke

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2023 LCC Alpine Paddling Holiday

Day 06 Wednesday: St Clements to Embrun by John Cooke

Day six started from the White Water Centre at St Clement, after a quick shuttle down to Embrun we were all on the water heading downriver. 19 paddlers today on the water.

The first thing of note is a rockslide where all the younger members climbed out and got their boats in position for a rather large seal launch.

A few wave trains and rapids later and the Rab wave is within reach. We took the usual lefthand side of the island and all parked ourselves in the eddies waiting in line as this is run is usually taken one at a time. My turn arrived and I set off in the Ripper dipper, down the wave and boom, it’s now a ” Ripper dipper super flipper ” photos below.

After taking turns to surf the Rab wave we had a lunch stop and watched the rafts come down the test piece rapid. Some reviewed the professionally taken photos at the Café. We were then back on the river, Numerous wave trains and surf waves were played on by all those in play boats and some in bigger boats.

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After 19km of pretty continuous rapids, we came to the drop-down under the bridge at Embrun and some played in the last play wave here. We all then got out river left and spent time doing some throw line and rescue practice in the strong tail of water – some 35 Cumecs of water here. A few of us got pulled off our feet and had to have a second helper grab the buoyancy aid straps to provide an adequate anchor to anticipate the very strong pendulum swing into the bank of the casualty.

Great day on ” The sunshine run ”

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