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LCC Christmas Rolling Competition 2021

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A group of people in a pool Description automatically generated with medium confidence

A group of people in a poolDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceTwo more weeks of the pool sessions at Kingsway Leisure Centre before Christmas (16th and 23rd December 2021).  

This means it is time for the annual Christmas Rolling competition.

You can book a place at the pool by going to our pool page on the website……..

New simpler format this year.

  • You can only enter the next category once you have registered a score in the previous.  Eg start with Poolside or kayak bow rolls (X-rescues) and then work up to Paddle rolls / hand rolls.
  • 30 seconds to complete as many full 360 degree rolls as you can.
  • A full roll is counted when you return back to starting position with head or shoulders and boat perpendicular (at 90° ) with the water.  (Head or body can be lying on the back of the boat).
  • These can be performed at an outside venue or at a pool session.   You will need video evidence or a named referee to verify if away from the pool.

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