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LCC Youth Polo and GB development

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LCC Youth Polo and GB development

In November Callum Cook , John Smullen and Luke Durband from the LCC youth polo team attended a GB polo development weekend at F.O.A. Collingwood Dock. With all three doing well and progressing to the U21 appraisals / selection process weekend held in October at Hatfield Marina ,Doncaster .

Unfortunately, both Callum and Luke failed to progress after they failed the lactic test (3 x 6 laps with 1-minute breaks in a time of 4 minutes 55 seconds ) and will now return to the development group. However, a great effort from John saw him progress and be retained for further training within the GB squads.

A big well done to all three .

Norman Cook .

John Smullen

Luke Durband

Callum Cook