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Arisaig Sea Kayaking May 2019

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Chris Fay contacted us in December to see if we were up for another trip there, this time in different accommodation.  It was a house owned by the farm / campsite owner and was very close to the beach.  We agreed that it would be a great location and the house was booked.

John Fay posted the proposed trip on the club site and we ended up with seven intrepid paddlers, three chef’s / French maid (Chris) and a sea dog (Penny).  Our paddling numbers where Roger Colman, Anthony Vaccaro, Martin Sinnott, Irene Jackson, John Fay, Sue and Bob Hamilton. Speaking for myself, I was very happy to have the experience of Roger and Anthony on board.  The entire area is just an amazing place for paddling and to single anywhere out would be wrong.   Suffice to say there is more than enough to satisfy anyone’s needs, regardless of experience.

We did the Skerries close to and in front of the campsite. The same trip but right into Arisaig on Loch nan Ceall. Loch nan Uamh where we located a brilliant cave and a Bothy that required mountaineering skills to access. (I stayed out)

Loch Ailort right back to our campsite where I have to give Martin full marks as it was quite rough half way round and it was only his second time on the sea.

The last day was to Castle Tioram on Loch Moidart.   We had fair conditions and great company. Couple that with a great location and it’s hard to fail.

Here is a link to just one of the videos

Bob Hamilton