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Pembrokeshire Bank Holiday Weekend – Monday

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Part one of an LCC double weekender – Pembrokeshire by Frankie A


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Bank holiday Monday meant another opportunity to paddle, but with the prospect of the drive home to follow for most a short paddle was on the cards. Happily the coast line to the left of Dinas Head heading towards Fishguard has some wonderful arches and rock formations, and even a miniature house on the rocks perfect for a short 2 hour paddle.

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With the possibility of the wind picking up around 11am we were on the water by 8.15am, which meant there was enough water to explore all the arches as the tide was dropping.

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For 2 hours we explored the coastline and opted to not always follow Nikki the fearless through gaps.

Arriving back at the beach, there was a distressed family of geese being harassed by a dog in the water and a dog owner on the beach worried as his dog wouldn’t respond to his calls. Kayak dog rescue followed with Nikki jumping back into her boat and shepherding the exhausted but determined to chase geese dog back to the beach and a very thankful dog owner. (Well I hope the thanks were profuse)

A person in a red kayak with a dog in the waterDescription automatically generated

A great way to end the weekend before tackling the traffic on the way home, after striking camp.

A wonderful weekend, thanks to Elle and Steve for sorting the campsite – a little gem of a site. Ian, Keith, Martin, Nikki and Neil for leading the paddles and everyone for the great company.

Frankie A