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Rhosneigr to Ynys Llanddwyn Saturday 13/8 by Neil Mack

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Coastal SUP journey with sea kayaking friends from Liverpool Canoe Club.

Rhosneigr to Ynys Llanddwyn Saturday 13/8 by Neil Mack

We met for our pre-paddle briefing at the Paddlers Bar on a Friday evening. Once we sorted our priorities of where to sit, who’s round it was and what to eat (pop-up Pizza kitchen. Very good by all accounts), we then got round to thinking about the next day’s paddle. No one fancied Penrhyn Mawr or the Stacks on a spring, so a leisurely trip to Ynys Llannddwyn was agreed. For those not familiar with the destination, Ynys Llanddwyn is one of the most picturesque parts of Anglesey, if not all of Wales, with a stunning backdrop of the seven sisters of the Lyn Peninsula and Snowdonia.

We were at Rhosneigr beach for 0830 am. It was already baking hot with the merest hint of a cooling zephyr. Rhosneigr has many fine qualities; a fine beach to launch from, quaint this time of the morning. Most importantly free parking (thanks KS) is one of these qualities, and after several yoga-like moves to get the boats over walls and down steps, with a shortish carry, we were all on the water by 0930 am.  The group consisted of 8 kayakers and Brian on his touring SUP (hard shell).

Coastal SUP journey with sea kayaking friends from Liverpool Canoe Club.

It was hot. Reports later suggested at one stage it had reached 32C on the water. Our pace slackened off with even the wildlife in hiding; only 3 grey seals were seen all day.

We had a short stop off at the Church in the Sea – some wanted and prayed for divine intervention while a couple of us just needed a toilet break! We also found some surf! Only one of the group took a swim which we all thought was done purposely to cool off…bit of an elaborate bongo slide to then take a dunk…😁.

It was becoming evident that today Ynys Llanddwyn would be an island too far in this heat, so we stopped for lunch after 3 hrs on the headland prior to Maltraeth beach.

On our return we were up against the turning tide and a freshening F3. Tides are weak on this stretch but still, the bay crossing was becoming a slog. That said spirits remained high all day. We arrived back at Rhosneigr, dodging the motorboats, jet skis and swimmers to a long haul up the beach to complete the obstacle course back to the cars. We’d covered 25km approx., in 6 hrs paddling time. We all agreed it had been a great day albeit tiring and HOT.

Thanks to Roger, Ian Bib, Ian O’C, Gary, Vic, Stuart, Paul and Brian for their contributions on making this a memorable LCC group paddle.

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