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Sea Kayak Leader Skills Day 2 of 6 by Dave Gentle

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Sea Kayak Leader Skills Day 2 of 6 by Dave Gentle

Such an enthusiastic group, sponging up all the information we can provide and eager to lead their sections of the trip.

We met at Premier Inn to discuss leadership responsibilities, requirements and equipment. Lots of Q&A and coffee. The sun was shining at the put-in at Pwll Fanogl. We saw and chatted with David Cutts and later saw and waved to Kathy Webb, who were both out coaching. Andy led the first section which proved more difficult than planned, but he still got us there. A few hints and tips later and Miles led us into the flow, a long ferry to the next island.

David was in charge of the ferry to the downstream side of Gored Goch.

Steve led us to Platters and Fi took us to lunch near the church.

Miles found a large dead crab.

Eamon’s section took us under Menai Bridge where we were called by a couple to an entangled Guillemot wrapped in fishing line with a large hook through his wing. Two of the guys were repeatedly pecked until the hook and line were removed then it flew off and dived into the flow, looking pleased to be free again.

We mooched to the islands, taking note of the low tide features. We also rescued a family’s crab line, then we popped to the river under the road bridge where a family of swans were mooching.

Eamon insisted on photo-bombing a wedding photograph by the bridge.

The tide had turned to Ebb by the time we returned to Menai Bridge where we all ferried between the arches as the flow rate increased and skills improved.

We got to surf at Gored Goch and called in to see Nelson before taking the tidal travelator back to our vehicles.

The briefing and trip all took longer than expected leaving grins all around.

Dave & Fiona