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2023 LCC Celtic Sea Kayaking Trip Day 15 Saturday – The trip home on the Norbay by Gary B

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Day 15 Saturday – The trip home on the Norbay by Gary B

The final day started with a 5:30 alarm call, a quick final pack up and off by 6:30 to a drive through Dublin, alongside the Liffey, to the ferry terminal. Early Saturday morning meant it was quiet, so we arrived with plenty of time to board the Norbay; which was just as well as it sailed 15 minutes early!

The crossing started with a ‘complementary’, and welcome, full fry-up breakfast. Lunch and 16:00 ‘evening meal’ were also included, which helped punctuate the 8-hour flat calm although hazy crossing. This gave us plenty of time to mull over the fortnight’s ‘adventures’ and plan future ones.

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Finally, at 5pm we docked in Liverpool, returned to the cars and said our farewells. We disembarked and drove off to our assorted homes or ‘lodgings’. An uneventful end to a great trip. With many thanks to Keith for organizing, Chris, Ian and Keith for doing all the driving, and everyone for their great company.

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