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Sunday 9th June Docks paddle by Sue L

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The docks Sunday morning paddle was admirably led by Dom on a blustery morning.  Who needs to lift weights when you can dig deep and paddle hard into the wind! 

7 kayakers took to the water, Dom, Dani, Gary, Dave, Diane, Colin and Sue in a mixture of sea and river kayaks.  It might not have been a distance paddle but it was most definitely a work-out one as we watched and braced ourselves when the gusts hit us.  With Dom’s watchful eye and expert guidance we all stayed dry, even when crossing Albert Dock (Colin’s favourite in the wind!)! 

With a brief lull Dom took the opportunity to guide us in a little skills practise of turning and moving sideways, especially useful when on the river to avoid rocks.  The wind did however provide a superb opportunity to practise ferry gliding in front of the bridge at Albert Dock.  All in all, a great morning out on bumpy water.  Definitely needed a coffee afterwards! 

Huge thanks to Dom for leading the session and for expert guidance.  So appreciated.