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River Crake 7th January 2024

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River Crake 7th January 2024

Rivers were all high but as high pressure was now dominant, levels were dropping. We chose to head for lake-fed rivers to make sure we had plenty of water so we headed north for the Lakes.

Meeting at the usual M58 Starbucks at Junction 3 we put all the boats on three cars and headed for Brown Howe Car Park on Coniston Water. A group from Thames Valley were there along with lots of cold-water swimmers braving the cold lake water.

Stuart managed to find the overgrown entrance to the river Crake, which was amazing given the very low visibility as we were surrounded by fog.

The river soon built up and was up to its banks. The main feature is at the Bobbing Mill and here we quickly loaded up for round two.

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People kayaking on a lakeDescription automatically generated