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River Levern 7th January 2024

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A person in a kayak in a river Description automatically generated

River Levern 7th January 2024

After a warm-up on the River Crake we headed for the River Levern stopping on the way to look at Backbarrow Bridge. The river was high and we talked about the best line down through the rapid.

We put on at the top and paddled down to the brick chute. There was plenty of water and the next few drops and rapids all went very quickly, not a rock or boulder in sight. Before long we were at the weir by the motor museum. This now has a break in it on the river left. We met up in an eddy on the river left above Backbarrow to discuss the line again. One after one we lined up and paddled down the rapid and through the bridge. All made it through successfully.

We quickly portaged around the deadly grade 5/6 weir on river left and paddled on down shooting the rapids on sight. The rapid above the A590 road bridge was a little sticky and the heaviest on the river. Fisherman’s gorge was straightforward at these levels and all too soon it was all over.

We met up in the Gilpin Bridge Inn for drinks and a meal.

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A person in a kayak in a riverDescription automatically generated