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2018 – Bardsey Island (slides)

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2018 – Bardsey Island (slides)

The day before the trip, there was a lot of sea mist. It was to be an early start, and in the morning the mist was dense with visibility of about 100 metres.

Top of Form

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Bottom of Form


By 8:15 at the beach we were in sunshine.

But as we reached Pen y Cil, Bardsey came into view shrouded in mist.

As we started the crossing the conditions were benign and we soon made it to Bardsey. Rounding the Northern end of the island the mist had cleared and we were heading south towards the lighthouse.

After rounding the southern tip, the buildings invisible from the mainland, became clear.

Arriving at the Cafn Enlli slipway.

At the cafe we were joined by some locals.

We climbed the path up Mynydd Enlli with views over the farmland.

At the summit the views were superb.

We watched the flood tide racing beneath the cliff.

Then headed back down the ridge.

The day trippers boat came and went frequently and was hauled out of the water by a modified dump truck.

The local seals have a basking area and were on song.

Returning to the mainland.

Completing the trip at Aberdaron.