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Cemlyn Bay to Brickworks & Return – Saturday by Jonathan Maddock

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Andy, Lynette, Tony & I set off from Cemyln Bay shortly after 10am, having had a faff-free start. Yay! The weather was great and the sea was calm, so we bimbled along the coast, rock-hopping and enjoying the sun. Although it was nearly Springs, Andy had timed the tides nicely for us and there was nothing daunting in terms of tide races. There was a bit pushing off the headland between the porcelain factory and brickworks, so we had a bit of a play in the waves, before stopping at the brickworks for lunch. We were joined by Lynette’s partner  Mike, who had been keeping up with us on his bike, cycling along the coastal path.

Unfortunately the brickworks have recently been hit by graffiti and were “overcamped” when we arrived, so it was hard to take photos that showed the character of the place. Luckily, we had the beach to ourselves and lazed in the sun, before heading back. We headed out from the cliffs to catch the tide, which soon pushed us back into Cemlyn Bay.

Thanks to Andy for organising and leading us & thanks also to Lynette, Tony & Mike for the company!

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