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A nearly summer solstice paddle round Hilbre Island 20th June 2020 by Catriona Hare

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A nearly summer solstice paddle round Hilbre Island 20th June 2020 by Catriona Hare

Although there were quite a few beards around and some unruly hair styles, there were only a few people who looked like they could pass for druids, and no longest day rituals ensued. Although there was talk of the use of horsehair clippers as an emergency grooming tool, if our inner Getafix started to take hold.

There were two groups paddling round Hilbre today the official LCC trip and some other randomers from the club who just happened to be on the same stretch of water. Well until Wales opens up to those of us east of the border, Hilbre and West Kirby are going to be very popular. It started, much to Keith’s chagrin with Ian predicting the arrival of water on the slip more accurately. Despite the lack of choice of location a paddle to Hilbre is still really enjoyable. Today’s trip provided varied conditions for getting those lock down neglected kayaking muscles working again. Gentle swell and surf over the shallows on route to and from Hilbre enhanced by the south/southwest winds. The over-falls on the far side of Hilbre also provide us with plenty of opportunity to play and carry out rescue “practice”, before we stopped on the beach on the south end of the island for a snack and some socially distanced conversation.

Thank you all for the company, it is good to see some real people, well members of LCC 🙂. Hopefully I will see you all again soon.

LCC trip, Keith, Kris, Paul, Matt, Stephen, Catriona

More photographs………

Randomers, Ian, Ruth, Mike, Nikki, Martin, Danny

PS. did Ian Bell really say he wanted to use a sit on top for his next trip or was that Keith’s fake news?