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Anglesey #2 Junior Camping Weekend by the Clews family

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Thanks to you and everyone else who was involved in the brilliant organisation of the junior Anglesey weekend. Our whole family had a great time, especially the paddlers; Rich, Ella and Poppy. It was great to see them looking so confident in the water and trying new things for the first time!

Thanks again, Amy
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I really liked going down the hole at Four Mile Bridge, especially when it was really wavy. It was fun, and I got really wet! It was a bit scary the first time, but the second time it was easier, and I really liked it, but I got more splashed as the tide was much higher.

From Poppy aged 9

I really enjoyed going to the beach and going coasteering. When we jumped in the sea it was very exciting and very cold. We found the big cave and we had to squeeze through little holes inside it. We also saw a blue jelly fish (and I freaked out)! It was great because it was something new, something that I have never done before.

From Ella aged 12

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