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Dukes Dock-Adventure Dock – Please keep clear

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We have always had a good relationship with the Canal and River Trust and as a consequence have few restrictions on our access agreement.  We have always said that “WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP CLEAR OF OTHER WATER USERS”.   Please keep to this edict as there is plenty of space within the docks.

Dukes dock is clearly out of bounds while the new inflatable adventure dock is in use (especially on a busy bank holiday weekend).   Just like if there were a swimming event on or a race we would always keep clear.

Subject: Dukes Dock-Adventure Dock

Hello All

As you will now be aware Adventure Dock (floating obstacle course) is now operating in Dukes Dock. The operator has been granted permission to operate between May 1st and October 31st each year.  Because of the nature of the business (i.e. customers falling from the obstacles into water), please make sure, that as a water user, you do not come within 20 meters of the structure. This means that you will be unable to paddle/paddleboard/row/motor around the structure in Dukes Dock, between these dates.  There is concern from the operator that water users are ignoring the advice and instruction from the Adventure Dock lifeguards, which is unacceptable. Liverpool South Docks is a busy waterspace, so please consider the other users when enjoying your individual activity.

As a control measure, the operator plans to place two lines of buoys, shown on the plan below.


Please do not cross these buoys when they are put in place.

Thanks for your co-operation.