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Nominations for our 2018 Paddler of the Year Awards are now requested

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Nominations for our 2018 Awards are now requested – If you would like to nominate a fellow paddler please send an email to: with a brief (no more than 60 words) summary of why they are being nominated and ideally a photo of them. (please include any video or other material you may have.)

Winners of our four Club “Paddler of the year” Awards will be presented at our AGM on Wednesday 17th October 2018


During August/ September we will be taking nominations from club members for:

  • 2018 Nominations for Paddler of the year (club member who has either made the most progress or achievement in paddlesport)
  • 2018 Nominations for Young Paddler of the year (Under 18 club member who has made either the most progress or achievement in paddlesport)
  • 2018 Nominations for Volunteer of the year (Club member who has given their services to help the club)
  • 2018 Nominations for Swimmer of the year (Club member who has had the best out-of-boat experience)

Historical Record

2017 Paddler of the Year2017 Junior of the Year2017 Volunteer of the Year2017 Swimmer of the Year
Hannah BellamyJohn SmullenDominic FaheyHelen Siertsema
Since joining the club in 2016 Hannah has been on almost every trip going: FSRT, SESA and white-water and sea kayaking courses. She has also tried Canoe Polo, Murder ball, Hilbre Race, Scotland White Water, Alpine white water, Pembroke and Anglesey weekends, guide leader’s sessions and just about every other paddling opportunity going.

She has recently started purchasing her own fleet of boats, I think Hannah has caught the boating bug!

John has immersed himself in the club this year, a keen member of the U18 canoe polo team paddling at Liverpool and Hull. He loves the Anglesey weekends; paddling his Machno at 4 mile and kept a cool head when his paddle snapped in some very large surf in the rocky Porth Dafarch bay. He calmly surfed away from the rocks using one blade. John is a willing hand at all club sessions, nothing is ever too much trouble.Dominic is an inspiration for all. He helps run the Monday pool sessions, maintains all the boats stored there and contributed greatly to the construction of the compound at the docks. Always a willing hand and involved in everything to do with Liverpool Canoe Club.Helen has been a stalwart of the club for many years and is a very experienced Alpine paddler. This year she had several “out of boat experiences” but must hold the record for one of the longest swims seen on the Durance; from the Embrun wave to the get out, about 1km downstream. Well it was warm and we had just paddled 39km that day.
Nominees: Hannah Bellamy & Dominic FaheyNominees: John Smullen & Harvey HarwoodNominees: Craig Ellingham, Josh Cook, Dominic Fahey, Karl TattumNominees: Helen Siertsema
2016 Paddler of the Year2016 Junior of the Year2016 Volunteer of the Year2016 Swimmer of the Year
Carole Thomas Callum CookSteven BondKarl Tattum
After joining LCC very soon after it formed, Carole has progressed through to holding 3* Sea and also holds 2* and L1 coaching qualifications. She has also completed her 4* sea training. She has paddled with the club in Norway, the Mediterranean, Alaska, Slovenia, Austria and France.Callum is now a very competent paddler and enjoys the no-rules polo on a Thursday evening. He started to play canoe polo for the club last season and is a key player in this year’s Division 3 Youth Side.Steve Bond has almost singlehandedly run the junior club both at Broadgreen pool and every Tuesday at the Docks in the summer. He also helps to repair much of the club equipment and is always willing to guide and look after those new to the club.During a Beercooler Challenge, Karl had an entry / exit incident. I was able to capture this moment beautifully on this video…..
Nominees: Carole Thomas, Chris Wood, Leanne MurrayNominees: Kieron Allerton, Callum CookNominees: Dominic Fahey, Steven Bond, Karl Tattum & Paul Harwood, Colin MuseNominees: Karl Tattum, Paul Harwood
YearPaddler of the YearJunior of the YearVolunteer of the YearSwimmer of the Year

Nathan Edwards
Nathan started as a very nervous beginner at the Monday evening pool sessions. He learned to roll over the year by sheer perseverance. Nathan regularly attends the weekend dock sessions and has recently completed both his First Aid Training and the SESA Qualification. His confidence has grown so much from the nervous beginner at his first pool session and I felt so proud when he completed the annual Little Eye Sea Kayak Race despite the appalling conditions

Luke Durband
Luke has only started paddling this year and has been a regular at Thursday night “no rules polo”. He regularly paddles on Saturday and Tuesday junior club sessions and loves canoe polo. He is a member of the under 16s canoe polo team and recently stood in to play for the Under 21s in their division 4 tournament at Collingwood Dock. He is fearless in play and seems to score goals with apparent ease.

John Fay
John is an asset to the club, he helps out at the Kingsway pool & Nothing is too much trouble for him just look for the guy with the daft grin. The number of new shy & nervous paddlers that turn up at the Kingsway pool afraid of getting wet not knowing what to expect but after an hour of that daft grin he’s given them the belief & confidence to capsize & even try & roll.

He is a regular at the Swim Safety events. John regularly arranges trips on canals & flat waters & at the docks most weekends. If you feed him the odd custard donut he will spend time by the slipway helping you improve what you have learned in the pool & put it into practise.

Pete Thomas
Peter was leading a group on the Improvers Sea Kayak trip to Puffin Island. Conditions were decidedly bumpy in the sound and he managed to safely usher his group through the worst of the overfalls and on to the safety of the sheltered water behind the island. Peter was at the back and unknown to his group was knocked over by a larger wave and fluffed his roll. The tide quickly sped him through the sound and it was about 15 minutes later before Karl Winrow came to his aid to put him back in his boat, certainly the longest swim of the year.

NomineesAlex LoganMatt Richards & Charlie Murphy Richie Burgess, Rosie Diver & Colin MuseFiona Barry, John Cooke & Mike Bell
YearPaddler of the YearJunior of the YearVolunteer of the YearSwimmer of the Year

Julie Brookes
Since starting out paddling cautiously with no spray deck a few years back, Julie has blossomed this year and can be seen mixing it in overfalls, taking on The Swellies, playing in waves, competing in the Hilbre race, showing up at every club talk and most other events. Heck, we’re almost fed up of seeing her smiling face on every other photo on the website!! We’re nominating her because she’s really improved her paddling and has obviously won many friends in Liverpool Canoe Club.

Rhys Legge

Rhys has been a regular attendee at junior club on a Tuesday evening at both the docks and Broadgreen pool. As a junior he is now a very competent paddler and was the first to learn to roll at Broadgreen pool. This spurred many other younger paddlers to follow suit. Rhys is keen to paddle any type of boat and volunteered to paddle in the clubs West Kirby Sea Kayak Race this year.

Pete Thomas
Pete has developed rapidly over the years and this experience is now being used to good effect when he organises many sea kayaking trips and events for the club. Not only has he run “Club Expeditions” to Majorca, Scotland and Anglesey but he initiated the “introduction to sea kayaking” sessions at the docks which culminated in a day trip on the Menai Straits for many newcomers.

Peter McComasky
During the Liverpool Triathlon swim safety cover(exit ramp in front of all the spectators). Peter McComasky (of Commonwealth Games safety cover fame) shouted out “put some effort into it, I’ll show you how it’s done” whereupon he paddled at the ramp full tilt. This resulted in him sliding backwards this time into the water, he was flicked upside down and had to wet exit right in front of the gathered thousand or so spectators, TV cameras, Ambulance Crew etc. and, worst of all, his LCC friends. All applauded loudly but were too busy laughing to go to his aid as he emerged onto the ramp soaking wet with a big grin on his face.

NomineesBen Henshall, Sophie Steventon

& John Fay

Kieran Sinnott, Charlie Murphy & Harvey HarwoodRosie Diver, Adrian Mould, Richie Burgess & Julie BrookesRoy McHale and Joe Sheppard & Sam Preston
YearPaddler of the YearJunior of the YearVolunteer of the YearSwimmer of the Year

Sarah Gille

Sarah always gives 100 percent and always aims to improve her paddling skills! She is an amazing person to be with on the river with as she always has a huge smile and encourages everyone! She is incredibly enthusiastic even when things don’t quite go to plan!!! Sarah has had an awesome year both personally with her new look and paddling coming on a storm. Her whitewater paddling has gone from strength to strength and her whitewater song is well worth a listen.


Sam Preston

Sam doesn’t just look cool in his Jackson Fun, he paddles it well, often rolling or performing vertical playboat moves. You can catch Sam happily trying out his paddling skills; from surf to slalom, & rock hopping in his sea boat (one that’s tippy enough to scare most of the grown ups). He can keep up with those grown ups out on a sea trip too. This nomination is for a young paddler who has developed their skills on all types water over the last 12 months.

Dave Reynolds
Dave is one of our most experienced coaches and despite many difficulties dividing his time as a full time carer he has run numerous introductory and improver courses for the club this year. Dave regularly helps coach at the pool and has set up and run the disabled canoeing session at Halewood.

Ian Bell
River Eden: ” I know we are all getting out but I will just pop over here to look at the drop”. With that and despite frantic back paddling Ian was sucked over the weir and into the stopper and after a few moments pulled his deck. His boat was finally recovered by the chasing group that had portaged some distance down stream. This gained him an automatic nomination for Swimmer of the Year.
NomineesPaul HarwoodJack Gille, Sam Strachan, Bradley Tattum, Harvey Harwood, Isobel PapaspyridisStuart Toulison, Pete Stone, Frankie Annan, Adrian MouldRoy McHale & Darren Bohanna
YearPaddler of the YearJunior of the YearVolunteer of the YearSwimmer of the Year
Roy McHale has been a very active member of the club over the past year, both at the mid-week evening sessions and most weekends. He’s always enthusiastic and very helpful, and shortly after the club Alps trip went on a trip to Siberia involving long walk-ins and challenging rapids.

Ollie Murphy
is one of our youngest paddlers on a Tuesday night but makes good use of his junior paddle and Dagger Dynamo Kayak. He regularly paddles to Albert Dock and back with the others.

Karl Tatum has almost single-handedly kept the Thursday evening paddles going over the winter months. He regularly organises surfing sessions at Crosby and the now almost monthly trips around Hilbre Island which are enjoyed by everyone. Most of all he is always encouraging new members and looking after them when they get on the water.

Paul Harwood Anyone who has paddled with Paul knows he always brings his little Canoe which he uses more as a hat than a boat when in the water. If you’re unsure then please watch the video………
NomineesPaul Flaherty, Katherine Wilson, Andy WriggJack Gille, Bradley TattumChris Benson, Steve Hitchen, Pete ThomasPaul Flaherty, Steve Hitchen, Justin Cooper, Karl Tattum, Andy Wrigg, Keith Scott, Chris Murphy
YearPaddler of the YearJunior of the YearVolunteer of the YearSwimmer of the Year
Fiona Wrigg because she has achieved a lot going from beginner to very good paddler in less than a year since joining the club. She paddle the Ubaye race course (grade 4) in the Alps this year and is a keen river paddler.
Regan Bond can often be seen paddling his boat at both the docks and the pool. While it is a playboat he is still able to self rescue by climbing in over the stern
Chris Murphy Running the pool and developing the LCC clothing range both of which have brought well needed funds into the club.
A swim on the lake – Mark Garrod thought it would be a good idea to try John Cook’s little Biscuit on the lake. He thought it would be a good idea to film his technique !!! he set his camera rolling and attempted his next trick which unfortunately ended with Mark upside down. ……… A very unexpected swim had occurred, strenuously denied for some time with Mark promptly deleting all the footage.
NomineesBrian Green & Michal GiezgalaJake Massey, Jack Gille, Chloe Richards & Declan RichardsJohn Smith & Peter DiamondJustin Cooper, (Roy McHale & Andy Wrigg), Chris Murphy &Helen Siertsema
YearPaddler of the YearPaddler of the YearOther Nominees
 2010 Leungsangnam – Carl has been to nearly every coaching session at the docks and the pool and has introduced most of our beginners to paddling. Without Carl’s reliability and time many of our sessions just would not run. Thank you CarlJames Orritt, Brian Green, Frankie Annan

Carl Leungsangnam, Mark Moore

 2009Steve Bond – Steve is always available to help and encourage anyone into the sport, especially newcomers. He has run numerous sessions through-out the summer at both the docks and the pool. He is very active on both sea trips and white water paddling and ventured out to the Alps with the club this year.Dominic Buckley, Graham Devaney,

Brian Green, Alex Hunter, Chris Turner 

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