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Plans to create 250m ‘surf beach’ in Merseyside

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Plans to create 250m ‘surf beach’ in Merseyside

There will also be a spa, 4 star hotel, and new restaurants and cafes.

Ambitious plans have been put forward to create a ‘world-class’ surf beach destination in Southport. Residents and visitors alike can expect a 250m stretch of beach with a huge surf wave pool, and with a 360-degree boardwalk.

Using what those behind the scheme say is “the next generation” of surf pool technology, ‘Southport Cove’ will make waves that can reach over 2 metres for accomplished surfers, to just 0.5 metres for those who prefer ‘fun’ waves. The spectacular seafront plan from Sefton Council and Go Surf is also proposed to include a water-based spa, 4-star accommodation, restaurant & cafés, and indoor leisure facilities. There will also be planted gardens so that non-water users can take in the pool’s surrounding landscape.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills, Cllr Marion Atkinson, said: “Many people remember the much-loved open-air swimming bath on the seafront next to Princes Park closed its doors to the public for the very last time in 1989. “This project will bring back a viable facility, striking a balance between the memory of this well-loved former attraction and a new, modern, family-oriented offer that will be unique to the region.”

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Southport Cove, the local authority says, will create up to 120 new jobs and bring more than £20 million per annum to the local economy with an expected 150,000 client visits a year.

The £40 million project aligns well with Sefton Council’s vision for Southport’s visitor economy, increasing the number of reasons to visit and to stay, all year round.

A spokesman for the founders of Go Surf said: “We’re taking a world class surf pool and building a resort around it that’s far more than just a place for catching waves, something that all visitors and members can enjoy on any given day of the year.

“It’s a real privilege to have this opportunity to do something great for our hometown, we are thrilled to be bringing our unique brand of water-based sport to Southport.”