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River Tryweryn camping trip by John Cooke

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Last weekend saw the first white water camping trip of the year, we stayed at the Tyn Cornell site which gives direct access to the lower section of the River Tryweryn.

Meeting up on Friday evening was a chance for new members to meet others and for friends to reunite.

Saturday morning saw everyone on the lower section, 4 groups doing their own shuttles and getting on as individual groups. Back to the campsite for a lunch break and then some went off onto the upper section while another run of the lower was completed by others.

Back at camp, showered and fed the fire pit was lit and a night of socializing ensued.

Sunday saw much of the same, upper and lower runs. More people joined us for the day. There were a few spills and plenty of wet ears over the weekend but in general it’s fair to say it was a great weekend, we need another one !

Cheers everyone.