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Use of the beach area next to our compound at the docks

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Use of the beach area next to our compound at the docks

We need members help to continue to run sessions at the docks smoothly:

  • The barrier entrance must be kept closed when not actually being used for vehicle entry / exit. We need to ensure ONLY authorised vehicles access the area.
  • All litter needs to be removed from around the compound (why not bring down a bin bag from time to time and have a little clean up to help out)
  • Please zip up all buoyancy aids after use or they fall on the floor and store boats on their sides with 3 or 4 to a rack so they do not fill up with water or get damaged.

In practice:

Key holder or deputy unlocks the barrier and checks the “flood” of cars as they arrive and pass through the gate (Ideally only 15 minutes before the session). When there is a lull in arrivals, they will close the latching arm on the gate, with the gate providing a solid rigid barrier. {Note: Keep the padlock locked on the D ring below the gate latch.} Any late arrivals will drive up to gate, swing open the latching arm, and open the gate. They drive through a short distance, then close and relatch the gate.

After all kayakers arrive, or all present are ready for the paddle, the key holder applies the padlock to already latched main gate, closes and locks the compound, then all paddle off into the sunset whistling “Happy days!”

Please try not to turn up excessively early as the gate will generally only be unlocked 15 minutes before the start of the session. If you are early, remain inside your cars until called forward.